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Elevate Your Team with Expert Insights: Secure Your Spot at the Excel Intermidiate Training

"Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training: Master Data Management for Effective Analysis!"

"Take your business to new heights with our advanced Excel training programme. Learn powerful strategies to maximise your productivity and efficiency."


"Take your Excel skills to the next level with our Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training. Dive deep into data management techniques and master the art of effective analysis. Unlock the full potential of Excel for insightful decision-making and strategic planning. Join us and become a data management expert!"

The training will cover the following topics.

I. Introduction to Microsoft Excel Intermediate Training focusing on mastering data management techniques for effective analysis.

II. Understanding data management: Sorting, filtering, and organizing data using tables and named ranges.

III. Advanced data analysis techniques: Pivot tables customization, functions for manipulation, and conditional formatting.

IV. Mastering data visualization: Creating and enhancing charts, graphs, and Sparklines for trend analysis.

V. Practical applications and case studies: Real-world examples and hands-on exercises for skill-building.

VI. Conclusion: Recap of key learnings and invitation to join the training for becoming proficient in data management and analysis.

Seats are limited.

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