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Are you eager to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Malaysian Employment Act of 1995 and its recent Amendment in 2022? Join us for an enlightening course presented by our distinguished speaker, Pn. Siti Mastura, a retired senior assistant director of the Labour Department.

Introduction to Employment Act 1955

Mon, 23 Oct | Location is TBD

The Malaysian Employment Act 1995 has long been the cornerstone of labor legislation in Malaysia, governing various aspects of employment relationships, including terms and conditions of employment, termination, and industrial relations. However, with the recent Amendment in 2022, significant changes have been introduced, ushering in a new era of labor regulations.

Key Course Highlights:

  1. Historical Perspective: Gain insights into the historical context and development of the Malaysian Employment Act 1995, understanding its role in shaping the nation's labor landscape.

  2. Amendment 2022: Explore the details and implications of the 2022 Amendment, including crucial updates, additions, and modifications to the original Act.

  3. Rights and Obligations: Discover the rights and obligations of both employers and employees under the Act, including topics like working hours, rest days, and overtime.

  4. Termination and Dispute Resolution: Learn about the legal processes and procedures related to termination of employment and the mechanisms in place for resolving disputes.

  5. Industrial Relations: Understand the Act's provisions for promoting harmonious industrial relations, including collective bargaining, trade unions, and dispute resolution mechanisms.

  6. Case Studies: Dive into real-world case studies to apply your knowledge and gain a practical understanding of how the Act and its Amendment are applied in various employment scenarios.

  7. Q&A Sessions: Interact with Pn. Siti Mastura and your fellow participants during dedicated Q&A sessions to clarify doubts and seek expert guidance.

  8. Certification: Upon successful completion of the course, receive a certificate of participation, demonstrating your expertise in Malaysian labor laws.

Moreover, this course is 100% HRDCorp claimable, ensuring your professional development is a sound investment. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry expert and take your HR career to the next level. 


If you'd like to claim your HRDCorp grant instead of purchasing a ticket directly through our website, please contact us via WhatsApp at +60 11-5972 3229 (you may click the number), and we will guide you on how to apply or determine your eligibility.

Total Programme Fee: RM2,000

Note: Early Bird Price (RM1,700) is available when you sign up to our Newsletter!

All tickets are non-refundable. 

Terms and Condition Apply: Read Here

For group discount and one off payment, kindly contact or Whatsapp us at +60 11-5972 3229



Puan Mastura

Siti Mastura binti Zainal is a highly experienced speaker specializing in labor law, HR management, and public administration. With qualifications in Public Administration and Human Resource Management, including an Executive Diploma in Law Enforcement, she bridges the gap between academia and practical expertise.

During her tenure at the Peninsular Malaysia Department of Labor (JTKSM), Siti Mastura held key positions, enforcing labor laws, adjudicating cases, and guiding the public on labor matters. After retiring, she became a Freelance Consultant, aligning HR practices with employment law in various sectors.

Since November 2020, Siti Mastura has been dedicated to educating HR practitioners on labor laws, earning accreditation as a Trainer by HRDCorp in January 2022. Her practical experience and passion make her a go-to resource for navigating labor law complexities, making her an ideal choice for seminars and consultations in HR and labor law.

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