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Excel Excellence Unleashed: Your Weekly Path to Spreadsheet Mastery

Every Wednesday | Setia Alam & Penang

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  • 1. Efficient Data Entry and Formatting (22 November 2023)
    Outline: 1. Introduction to Excel Interface Overview of Excel tools and functions. 2. Data Entry Techniques Efficient ways to enter and manipulate data. 3. Cell Formatting Customizing cell formats for clarity and professionalism. 4. Data Validation Ensuring accurate data entry with validation rules. 5. Tips for Quick Navigation Keyboard shortcuts and navigation tricks. Objective: Participants will gain proficiency in entering and formatting data effectively, saving time and reducing errors. Takeaways: Enhanced data entry skills. Improved data presentation through formatting. Increased confidence in using Excel. Target Audience: Beginners and intermediate Excel users seeking to improve data entry efficiency.
  • 2. Mastering Formulas and Functions (30 November 2023)
    Outline: 1. Understanding Basic Formulas Introduction to essential mathematical and logical formulas. 2. Common Excel Functions Overview and application of SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and more. 3. Advanced Functions Introduction to VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, IF statements, and nested functions. 4. Formula Auditing Tools for error-checking and auditing formulas. 5. Practical Exercises Hands-on exercises to reinforce formula and function concepts. Objective: Participants will become proficient in using Excel formulas and functions for data analysis and manipulation. Takeaways: Solid understanding of basic and advanced Excel functions. Ability to perform complex calculations and analysis. Target Audience: Intermediate Excel users looking to enhance their formula and function skills.
  • 3. Data Analysis and Visualization (6 December 2023)
    Outline: 1. Introduction to Data Analysis Overview of data analysis concepts in Excel. 2. Sorting and Filtering Data Techniques for organizing and extracting relevant data. 3. PivotTables and PivotCharts Creating dynamic summaries and visualizations. 4. Conditional Formatting Visualizing data patterns and trends. 5. Data Visualization Best Practices Tips for creating compelling charts and graphs. Objective: Participants will learn to analyze and visualize data effectively for decision-making. Takeaways: Proficiency in sorting and filtering data. Ability to create insightful PivotTables and charts. Target Audience: Intermediate Excel users interested in data analysis and visualization.
  • 4. Automating Tasks with Macros (13 December 2023)
    Outline: 1. Introduction to Macros Understanding the basics of macros. 2. Recording and Editing Macros Creating and modifying macros to automate repetitive tasks. 3. Macro Security and Best Practices Ensuring the safety and efficiency of macros. 4. Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) An introduction to VBA for advanced automation. 5. Practical Applications Applying macros to real-world tasks. Objective: Participants will gain the skills to automate routine tasks using Excel macros. Takeaways: Proficiency in recording and editing macros. Basic understanding of VBA for advanced automation. Target Audience: Intermediate to advanced Excel users interested in automating tasks.

Welcome to "Excel Excellence Unleashed: Your Weekly Path to Spreadsheet Mastery!" — an immersive and dynamic series designed to transform your relationship with Excel. 🚀

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Excel? Whether you're a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced user aiming to refine your skills, this weekly class is your gateway to spreadsheet excellence!

Join us every Wednesday or Thursday for a power-packed session where you'll dive into different facets of Excel, from mastering formulas and functions to automating tasks with macros. Each week, our expert instructors will guide you through practical exercises, real-world applications, and advanced techniques to enhance your proficiency.

Key Highlights:

📊 Diverse Topics: From data analysis and visualization to automating tasks, we cover it all! 🎓 Structured Learning: Our carefully curated curriculum ensures a progressive and engaging learning experience.

🤝 Interactive Sessions: Connect with fellow Excel enthusiasts, share insights, and ask questions during our live Q&A sessions.

💼 Applicable Skills: Gain skills that are immediately applicable in your professional and personal projects.

Embark on this weekly journey with us, and watch as your Excel skills soar to new heights. Whether you're charting data, crunching numbers, or automating tasks, you'll emerge from each session with practical knowledge and newfound confidence.

Ready to redefine your Excel game? Secure your spot now and join us for "Excel Excellence Unleashed: Your Weekly Path to Spreadsheet Mastery!

Total Fee: RM350

Note: Early Bird Price (RM300) is available when you sign up to our Newsletter!

All tickets are non-refundable. 

Terms and Condition Apply: Read Here

For group discount and one off payment, kindly contact or Whatsapp us at +60 11-5972 3229


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